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4074 Ten Shillings Way Jeff Cook Luxury Home

Why Use Jeff Cook Real Estate To Sell Your Luxury Home?

The marketing team, listing support team, and closing coordinators are working behind the scenes with your listing agent. Most agents try to juggle marketing, closings, listings, paperwork and maintain great communication with you throughout the entire process. We do things differently here. We have specific specialized teams that support the agent so they can focus on the most important thing, you and your home. 

Your Listing Agent's Listing Support Team 

  • Prepares for courier, professional photos, inspections, staging, and going live on the MLS. 
  • Assists in making home active on the MLS with creative descriptions and complimentary professional photos. 
  • Actively completes any requests in regards to lock boxes, signs, flyers, showing instructions, ordering services, etc. 

Your Listing Agent's Closing Team 

  • Coordinates your closing dates/times. 
  • Ensures every legal and financial detail is taken care of before your closing. 
  • Gets your home to the closing table.

Your Listing Agent's Marketing Team 

  • 24/7 site and marketing monitoring to never miss communication with potential buyers. 
  • Manages a database of thousands of potential buyers and markets directly to them. 
  • Utilizes social marketing to target potential buyers in your neighborhood. 
  • Generates and distributes weekly online marketing reports showing activity on your listing. 
  • International MLS 

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